Fighting poverty with music

Nyodema, which means ‘Helping each other’ in Mandinka, a West African language, is a community group based in Bognor Regis, West Sussex set up in 2007 with the following aims…

  • Celebrating world music and arts
  • Promoting multi-cultural awareness
  • Raising funds for health, education  and community projects in The Gambia, West Africa
Baraka at Nyodema's Festival 2009

Baraka at Nyodema Festival 2009

We have held many fund-raisers over the years including some memorable world music and arts festivals. Although we are currently unable to organise any major festivals and sadly, The Nyodema Singers has had to be susppended for the foreseeable future. However, The Nyodema Drummers headed by Chris Sylla are still raising funds for projects in The Gambia.

Projects in The Gambia Funds raised to date have been used for a variety of projects in The Gambia including…

  • Building a school in Dairuharu, a district of Brikama, now finished and running without our support although we check in with them and donate equipment from time to time.
  • Purchasing and distributing 702 mosquito nets to children in the Jeddah district of Brikama
  • Training some 40 teachers in “Jolly Phonics”, a method of teaching English widely used throughout the UK .
  • Organising a first-aid and a dental hygiene course for teachers
  • Supplying medical equipment to the hospital in Brikama including a wheelchair, stethoscopes and blood pressure monitors
  • Supporting teachers through teacher training
  • Purchasing desks and chairs for a classroom at Jeddah Progress Nursery School, now run by the government, and also at the school in Dairuharu
  • Starting a vegetable garden at Jeddah Progress Nursery School

and most recently

  • Donating 28 fuel efficient and environmentally friendly stoves to families in Jeddah, Brikama
  • Donating 2 stoves to musicians and their families
  • donating annother 10 stoves to families in the Brufut area

We are now concentrating our attention and fundraising on the Community Stoves project.

For the latest updates on our projects in The Gambia please visit our Gambia Updates page. KB_IMG_7810

4 thoughts on “Fighting poverty with music

  1. Shelagh Hamilton

    What a fantastic festival – lets keep doing it it’s beautiful! Love and blessngs to all Nyodema followers!

  2. Andrea Encinas

    Hi girls, Hope The Gambia visit has been a successful one. Can’t wait to get back over there to see the work on the schools…. Jeddah Nursery School, Brikama… I’m coming soon (:-)




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